The history

Mancera was born in 2008 out of a vision: the reminiscence of a long-gone past, of know-how lovingly passed down at the back of master perfumers' workshops and the love of olfactory materials, scents and ancestral textures...

Pierre Montale has once again taken the reins of a prestigious perfumery house to bring to life this determinedly Art Deco inspiration.

The purity and geometry of form are associated with this graphic crystalline glass bottle to house the best essences the world has to offer.

Pierre Montale revisits well-known scents, revealing confidential fragrances and creating astonishing compositions. rnEast and West come together in a subtle yet intense olfactory dance.

Each note is the next step on a sensual voyage to the corners of remote lands, a fusion of modernity and age-old traditions. A distant world within one's own reach.

The Art Deco inspiration

Mancera offers a typical french esthetic of an eccentric, extraordinary perfumery, in a result of its luxurious inspirations and perfectionism.

Pierre Montale dreamed of creating a line that evokes the purity of the form of the fragrance, stylisation of the prints and richness in materials of the flask.

Order, color and geometry: for a modern look, gold plating, woods from Macassar, the incrustation of the mother of pearl or metal (gold, leather, brass) to embrace the luxury oriental colors of the flask.

A tribute of french refinement for a man who travels between far away and to his homeland.

The boutique

In May 2015, Mancera takes place near Champs-Elysées in the lavish boutique of Montale.

It is no longer a secret, Pierre Montale wishes to bring together his two brands and invites you to share an oriental dream, to enchant you throughout his bold signature creations.

A magical venue for an immersive experience that will take you on a journey through the beauties and wonders of the eastern world.